On the 8th of February, a bill to include FGM in the Children's Act was brought to parliament for the second time. This was supposed to help the court have more powers to protect girls who might be at risk or have gone through female genital mutilation (FGM). The same as any child that might have gone through any other form of violence. Which we can all agree is a fair deal.

This bill has been blocked for the second time by Sir Christopher Chope, MP. This is a troubling time for activists and campaigners as they have done all they can to bring this bill to parliament only for it to be blocked. Although we don’t know the reason why he is blocking the bill, we can assume his views from his past.

Mr. Chope blocked the upskirting bill when it went through to parliament and now the FGM bill twice. This makes me question his views on women and how as a man he feels like he can use his power to prevent girls from having the best protection possible.

This would not have affected him in any way. He has had multiple chances to use his power for good and the fact that he is using it in a way that can only harm children and women infuriates me.

All I can say is thank you to the campaigners that have brought this forward and please don’t let this stop you from doing everything you can to protect children and girls using the law.

And Mr. Chope, please put your pride aside and do something good with the powers you have.

What can you do?

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