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Aims and Values of Hidden Scars

The aim of Hidden Scars is to end violence against women and girls by connecting, supporting, and amplifying grassroots activists and organisations. Below is some information on how we try and achieve this aim. 

Core Values of Hidden Scars 

The core values of Hidden Scars are 


  • Passion

  • Respect

  • Service to others

  • Collaboration

  • Love

 We aim to show these values in everything we do. 

The Africa Led Movement Webinars 

Hidden Scars and Magool, supported by Orchid Project and the University of Portsmouth have partnered together to bring The Africa Led Movement Webinars. The purpose of these webinars is to bring grassroots activists and organisations to the sector with the latest information regarding different topics around violence against women and girls. 

Hidden Scars Membership 

Hidden Scars runs a membership site for grassroots activists, organisations, or anyone interested in the sector of violence against women and girls. The purpose of this site is for people to connect through our forums and groups, share resources and amplify the voices of grassroots activists through our hidden gem of the month and expert interviews. Would you like to be a member? Click here